SEND Vision


Our vision is that every child in South Tyneside enjoys a full, healthy life with the support they need to reach their potential, and that families area supported to stay resilient and knowledgeable though flexible, child centred services which offer the right support at the right time. 

We work in partnership with children, young people and families to make sure that our services offer the best possible support for children to enjoy and achieve in their own community.

Six Priorities 

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The experience and expertise of children and families is heard and respected, shaping how services and education settings work.


Every child is included in their school and community, and with education support tailored to their unique learning needs, all our children will learn, grow and achieve. 

Health and Wellbeing

Children and young people get the bespoke health support they need to reach their potential and enjoy an active, positive life.

Support and Care

Families will get the support they need to grow their knowledge, and care to build strong connections.

Preparing for Adulthood

Every young person grows into their own independence, achieves their goals and lives a full healthy life in their community. 

Information and Advice

Families and young people get good information and advice at every step of their journey and can make informed choices, they can connect with others to enjoy and learn.

Get involved

We are currently developing a refreshed SEND Strategy and we would love to get your views.

You can get involved by contacting us at:

Telephone: 0191 424 7778 or 0191 424 7299