Support and care services


South Tyneside Council has a legal responsibility to support families with disabled children and young people.  

Some families will need practical support inside and outside of the home.

The Council is responsible for assessing how best to meet each child and family's needs.

The support you get will depend on your individual circumstances.

Types of support available

  • Universal support
    Support services that are available to everybody, including children's centres, nurseries, clubs, events and other community services.
  • Targeted support
    For families who need additional support to access services, or need specific support for a specific need.
  • Specialist and social care support
    For children / young people whose needs significantly impact their wellbeing, or with multiple / complex needs, who need more support than is available through universal or targeted services.

Extra support

Not all children / young people with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) need or want extra support.

Most children and young people with SEND can access universal services to support them and their family.

Some children / young people will need specialist support only for a specific condition, and are able to use universal services alongside this.