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Some children and young people have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities due to health conditions, or they may have health concerns that are commonly associated with them.

Other children and young people struggle to access health care because of their SEND.

All our health services are inclusive and can make adjustments to make sure all children and young people are as healthy as they can be.

In this section you can find out about the health services available in South Tyneside.

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Eligibility criteria

  • Universal services: You can refer yourself into these services, and there are no criteria to access them. 
  • Targeted services: There are eligibility criteria to access this service. 
  • Specialist services: You must be referred to this service by a professional to access it.

Some services may have different levels of support within them. This means that although you may be able to refer yourself into the service at first, you may need a professional to refer you at a later date.