Exclusive family swim sessions

Book an exclusive swimming session for children / young people with SEND and their family.


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Families have told us that they would like exclusive swimming sessions for children / young people with SEND and their family.

We recently carried out a pilot to work out the best way to provide these.

Families that took part told us that they enjoyed the sessions as it offered their child with SEND a relaxed environment and it meant they got to spend time as a family as well.

These sessions are now available until March 2025.

Walk-ins unfortunately will not be allowed entry as there are limited spaces in the pool. 

About the sessions

  • There must be at least 1 child / young person aged 0 to 25 years with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities attending
  • Sessions are free for the whole family, siblings are welcome
  • Sessions are taking place on Saturdays 1.30 to 2.30pm at Jarrow Community Pool and must be booked in advance (spaces are limited).
  • These are family swimming sessions so you will need to be in the pool with your child / young person at all times.

Please note

These are not swimming lessons and there will not be staff in the pool to support your child.

How to book

You can now book your space using Eventbrite.

When you book please make sure you request the correct amount of spaces.

Eventbrite: SEND family swim sessions