Referrals and assessments for support and care

Types of assessment

If your child / young person's needs cannot be met by universal and community services, you may need an assessment to find the right service for your family.

Child and Family Support Assessment

This assessment brings together a range of agencies so you can get the support you need as soon as possible.

It is often used if you are asking for a specific type of support.

It will look at the strengths and needs of your family, and the outcomes for your child / young person.

The assessment will help to find the right service for your family.

Single Assessment

If the Child and Family Support Assessment will not give a full appraisal of your child and family's needs, you may need a more in-depth assessment, known as a 'Single Assessment'.

This assessment will be carried out by a social worker from the Children's Disability Team and will include a visit to your child's home.

When it has been agreed that a Single Assessment is needed, we will complete the assessment within 45 days.

We will:

  • Gather information from yourself, your child / young person and other relevant organisations (school, health services)
  • Ask for your consent to contact other agencies - if you decide not to give your consent we may not be able to fully assess your needs
  • Include a carer's assessment if necessary
  • Use this information to assess the needs of your whole family
  • Discuss the findings with you and agree the next steps