Moving to adult services

Preparing to move to adult social care, adult health services and post-16 education.


  1. Overview
  2. Social care
  3. Health services
  4. Education, training and employment


Moving from children's to adult services is known as a 'transition'.

It is important that this is planned with you.

Social care

Social care services are different for children and adults.

If you already get support from children's social care services, you will need to have an assessment to find out if you are eligible for adult social care services, and what support you might get.

  • Not everyone that received support from children's social care will be eligible for adult social care services
  • If you have not received children's social care services, you may be eligible for adult social care services

See moving to adult social care.

Health services

Health services for adults are different to those for children.

Your primary health care provider, such as your GP or paediatrician, should support you with moving to adult health services.

See moving to adult health services.

Education, training and employment

All young people must continue in education and training until they are 18 years old.

There are lots of different options for you to think about. 

You will get support to think about what you would like to do longer term, and how your education and training choices can help you achieve your goals.

See education, training and employment.